The Love, YEG Show

e58 - Steffany Hanlen, Skatetech Group of Companies

Episode Summary

SkateTech Group of Companies encompasses 3 legacy businesses of Edmonton; Quantum Speed, Proskate and Skating Success. Steffany Hanlen has spent her life in the world of sports and specifically the world of skating and shares her story of how her passion for sport and skating grew into a lifelong fulfilling career. In episode 58 of The Love, YEG Show Steffany Hanlen shares her passion for sport, development and community with Sherri and Jessie.

Episode Notes

[4:19] I didn't want to play by the rules

[7:00] Growing up with skates

[8:36] How do we scale the skating business 

[12:00] Life after sport

[17:14] How do you choose the right partners 

[21:21] The values make it stick

[22:37] You gotta knock on some doors

[27:25] Come on, under estimate me

[36:22] What is your Legacy?